Chakra Keys
Fear into Faith

Dear Friends

I hope this message finds you well.

How our world has shifted in these last few weeks. I have never heard the word ‘unprecedented’ used so many times in a day, but here we are in unprecedented times.

For many of us experiencing grief, our cups were already full from various personal losses or from the sadness we witness daily in our world. We already had enough to process. And now there is so much more. So much grief is prevalent in our world right now.  The grief of the loss of our freedom, financial grief and anticipatory grief for what the future will hold and whether our families will be safe. But the grief that speaks the loudest to me is that which arises from the lack of social and physical contact.  That act of touch that heals the soul without words or conditions and can be so healing when we are experiencing grief.

In my work I have always been drawn towards finding the gifts in grief. The wellsprings of gratitude that can arise after our sorrow is fully tended to, or the alchemical transformation of a life expanded by the presence of loss, so that every moment is treated as a sacred gift, rather than a mindless journey of routines, schedules and habits. Grief and loss mold us, and they shape us into more fully alive and fully feeling human beings.

How can we view what is happening in our world through the eyes of hope and faith, rather than ones of fear? It is only by turning within and being with ourselves in a gentle way that we can begin the process of transmuting fear into faith.

Mindfulness is one of my favorite tools that I am using myself and with my clients right now.  This act of presence, with our bodies, our breath and our emotional state is immensely powerful. Combined with self-compassion, mindfulness can help us disengage from the constant state of fear that is palpable in ourselves, our loved ones and our communities, and return to a state of equanimity. To this end, I am attaching a short mindful-compassion practice recording for you all to explore. My hope is that it will inspire a daily practice of mindfulness and self-compassion, that refreshes your inner resources and fills your heart.
Here is the link.

I have shifted my one on one counselling sessions to an online format to work with our new shelter-in-place situation. I am also offering my services on a sliding scale basis to anyone in financial need. Please email me at to set up a free consultation. I will also be offering a Yoga class for Anxiety, Grief & Overwhelm by donation, through Kinfolk Yoga every Monday at 10.30 – 11.30. Please register as a student at and sign in, for the zoom link.

So much love and blessings to you all through this time.